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How To Package & Send Your Flowers to Everafter

Packing Your Flowers:


When packing your flowers please include your Booking/Order number (if available) provided by Everafter.
Preparing your flowers for packaging, we only need approximately 8 main flowers along with a range of smaller flowers, buds and foliage, so take your time and select the best flowers to send and preserve.
Please do not forget to send a range of smaller flowers, buds and foliage with your main flowers. As these will enhance your Orb dramatically!

1: Keep your flowers in a cool place with water or if with no stems, place them in the fridge until you are ready to send. (Do not place your flowers in your freezer)

2: When sending, we recommend that you place your flowers into a small Tupperware box or container. (Similar to the size of a small lunch box).

3: If your flowers have stems, it is desirable to reduce them, leaving stems approx. 100mm in length. This will assist the flower head to draw some moisture.

4: Place soft dry tissue in the container to form a soft pillow for the flowers to lay upon.

5: At the end of each stem - fold a damp tissue around each stem & then glad wrap around the damp tissue. Then add soft dry tissue blanket over the flowers (do not use newspaper), be careful not to squash your flower heads & place plenty of tissue paper top & bottom of the container to avoid movement of your flowers during travel.

6: Close the container & secure with tape. Make sure that you have included on the container- your full details/phone/address & Booking Order number (if available). Then place your container in a cardboard box (range of post parcel boxes are available from the post office / refer to sending flowers below).


Sending Your Flowers:

Send your flowers with the Australian Postal Service - By EXPRESS POST (PLATINUM EXPRESS FOR W.A. CLIENTS)

Mailing Address


Express post is a cost effective way to get your flowers to us & you will be provided with a tracking number that allows you to track your package during transit.

We have received flowers from all over Australia by this method & in most cases we will receive your flowers in the next day or two if they have been sent before 12 midday. We have received flowers from W.A. in two days using an Express Post Platinum "airbag", while still using the same packing method above. Aus. Post have a large range of boxes to enclose your container.

It is also a good idea to check with your local Post Office on the expected delivery date & advise us at Everafter immediately so we can be prepared for your flower & inform you on delivery.

If you require any advice with the packaging of your flowers please call Everafter direct & we would be pleased to assist.