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How do I Order my Everafter Orb? Contact us at Everafter direct by phone or email & we will provide you with a Booking/Order number. We require the event date to prepare for the arrival of your flowers & a deposit with your booking, this will be deducted from the price of your chosen Orb design. Payments can be made direct with us by credit card or direct deposit.
Note: We do not accept Flowers without a booking.
What is your refund Policy? If for some unknown reason or circumstance that your flowers have arrived in poor condition & therefore unable to preserve or unable to be replaced then your booking/order deposit shall be refunded.
Once your flowers have been accepted for the preservation process & in good order a refund is no longer available as work has commenced.
Can I make Payments/ lay buy? Normally we accept the booking/order deposit & then the balance at the time your flowers are about to be captured within in the Orb, This is usually several weeks from the date of your order.
We can also accept payments by instalments providing this has been organised at time of your booking/order.
How long will my Everafter Orb Last? Once your flowers are enclosed within the Orb they will last forever, as moisture or contaminations can never enter into your enclosed flower ball, a beautiful everlasting gift to pass on & on.
How many flowers do I need to send? This will depend on the size Orb that you have chosen but generally for a single flower we would like to have 3 to 4 flowers minimum or 6 to 8 for the larger & more complex Orbs. We require this amount due to the preservation process & to carefully select the best flower or flowers possible. For weddings, we do not require your whole bouquet, unless we are designing a range.
When do you need my Flowers? Naturally the sooner the better. So as close to the end of the event as possible. With preservation, the fresher the flowers, the better the result.We can accept & preserve flowers up to 5 days from the event, however some flowers survive better than others and if cared for prior to sending, your flowers will do well during the process.
How do I package my Flowers? It is most important that you take the time to send your flowers correctly – please REFER – to our instruction on “Packaging & Sending flowers”, or Contact Everafter direct & we would be delighted to assist.
How Many Orbs Can I Order? We can produce as many Orbs that you have flowers. We can also offer a range of Orbs as a special order. Please consult with us directly to assist in ordering a range set.
What happens to my Flowers? When we receive your flowers they are safe and individually photo id to match your booking order. Each flower is checked separately & carefully prepared prior to being frozen at well below zero. This is the beginning of a very delicate preservation procedure of your flowers. We use the most advanced processes known in preservation floral work, freeze dry chambers & a range of processes to preserve your flowers at the highest possible standard. The complete process takes up to 8 to 12 weeks & the finishing result is well worth it.
What flowers cannot be preserved? There are some variety of flowers that can be difficult or temperamental during the process. If you are uncertain please contact Everafter. As a Guide – Line: Gerbera’s can be difficult & darker colours can darken. Succulents are normally unacceptable, sweet peas need to be fresh. Tulips can be difficult. It is most important that we receive your flowers as soon as possible that they have been packed carefully & with care. Flowers are a perishable item & hardy flower heads normally do best such as most roses.
What is The Flower Library? Once we have completed your original Orb – Any flowers left over that meet the standard will be placed into isolation under your name & booking number for a period of 12months allowing us to create for you another Orb should you decide to place another order as a gift or anniversary.