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Dandelion gift Store


Welcome to our Dandelion Gift Store...

At Everafter we not only create a beautiful range of floral Orbs, we also craft our very own unique Dandelion Orbs. 
The Dandelion has played an extraordinary role throughout history. From the delicacy and mystery surrounding its incredibly unique structure, to the powerful belief of goodluck associated, and even its unusual medicinal healing properties that are still used in modern medicine today, this unique flora species has endured in our minds all throughout the world.

We hand select these amazing Dandelions in full bloom, then after a very delicate and intense preservation process, we encapsulate them into a solid Orb. Inside they will remain intact forever, capturing a moment in time before being taken with the wind.

Our magical dandelion Orbs make a remarkably elegant gift, whether you wish to treat yourself or send a little wish to a loved one...

To order please see below.

Order your Dandelion Orb

At Everafter we usually keep pre-made Dandelion Orbs in-stock, however please check with us first.
For larger orders we may require some notice depending on the amount required (particularly for wedding guest table gifts).

Our Dandelions are priced at $99.00 + $15.00 Postage(within Australia).


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