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Beautiful hand crafted Orbs

a gorgeous jewel of your lifetime



Welcome to Everafter

The Ultimate in Flower Preservation


Encapsulating your precious flowers in a Crystal Clear solid Orb. Modern 3D flower preservation at its finest. 

Beautifully hand crafted and designed by our very own floral artists.

 Each & every Orb is a unique bespoke design that is preserved forever.

 Everafter Orbs come in a range of designs & sizes from 60mm to the majestic 115mm solid Orb.


Our 3D Flower Orbs are created for all occasions - Wedding, Anniversary, Newborn, Sympathy, or as a Luxury Gift for a loved one. 

 The highest definition in flower preservation, technology & quality, freeze dry process and advanced floral techniques.


Exclusively designed and produced in Australia by Everafter

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